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Yoga Sutra
Study Group

Explore Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

How do the yoga sutras pertain to your life?  Come join our group-led discussions to get more familiar with Patanjali’s yoga sutras.  Grapple with yogic ideas with your peers with the intention of making the sutras relevant to your life and your practice.

Each month one person, a volunteer, presents a yoga sutra, any sutra of their/her/his choice.  The presentation can be any information, thoughts, or questions the facilitator has.  As a participant, you will receive an email with the sutra-of-the-month before each meeting.  You are encouraged to read the sutra before the meeting.  Think about it.  Do as much or as little research as you would like but come ready to share your ideas, inspirations, and questions. 

We meet the first Saturday of every month as a hybrid gathering with some people meeting in-person outside (weather permitting) and some joining online using Zoom.  Most of the meeting is an open discussion with time to share one-on-one towards the end of the meeting.

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